Our Programs
Helping small businesses build capacity and sustainability
We focus on programs, training and resources for the small business in trasnportation and construction that has already gone through the start up phase but is now looking for help in growing to the next level.  HOYA is the Hopi word for a dance that means "ready to fly off next".
  1. Coaching Small Businesses
    After an initial assessment with a small business, we help them identify their goals. Then we use our coaching expertise and contacts to set up a strategic plan to fill in the holes to make that goal possible. We also share the keys to establishing a process for success.
  2. Access to Capital
    Access to capital is one of the biggest hurdles for small businesses to grow. What if you could get paid for your invoices in 2-5 days? How would that change how you are able to grow your company? NOWaccount is like accepting a credit card. Your clients never see it and you are no longer responsible for spending half of your time chasing down slow paying clients.
  3. Careers for Girls
    Currently, only 8.9% of the construction work force is women. There is a huge opportunity for women and girls to obtain a good paying career that will allow them opportunities. We work to let high school and college girls know that they have options. Whether pursuing an advanced degree or choosing an apprentice route, there are huge opportunities in transportation and construcition.
  4. Training and Resources
    From Work in Progress excel spreadsheets, to detailed instructions for accessing your business credit, the HOYA Foundation provides small business resources. We also provide training throughout the year.
  5. Outreach to students
    The Native American community believes that education is one of the most important things we can provide our children. The HOYA Foundation works to ensure that students know the breadth of careers that are available. So that every student can be at choice.