The HOYA Program provides mentoring that is direct and results oriented.  One individual said, "The direct and honest feedback ignited creative thinking, some deep "soul searching" and a re-evaluation of my standards."    

The HOYA Program develops a personalized approach for each individual.  The customized plan targets the areas that will help your company move to the next level.  Past topics have included:  goal setting, leadership, conflict resolution, self-assessment, strengths and weaknesses employee management, financial management, safety, marketing, strategic planning, certification, payroll, insurance, community involvement, legal issues, sales, joint ventures, and exit strategies, name a few.
  1. "The HOYA Program helped me focus on business planning, not just the work.”
    Marvinetta Hartwig
  2. “The HOYA Program provided some of the most beneficial goal setting and planning that we have had since we started our business.”
    Brandon Berumen
  3. "Other programs do not provide the one on one experience I got with the HOYA Program. They push me to be the best that I can be." Rick Gallegos, Netbuilders
    Rick Gallegos
  4. “The best part is getting real honest feedback on how I have been doing. I feel like someone lit a fire under me.”
    Lisa Goodbee
  5. “The HOYA Program is designed for a person who is willing to be honest with themselves and commit to making improvements in their life, both personally and professionally.”
    Lenee Koch
  6. “I’ve had coaches before but nothing like this. The HOYA coaches me more guidance in the past few months than I’ve gotten in years for myself and my company.”
    Ruth Hollins
  7. “There hasn’t been a wasted moment in my coaching meetings.”
    Randy Leger
  8. “The coaching forced me to think differently. It helped me to stretch my comfort zone.”
    Sandra Scanlon