Women in Transportation and Construction

Careers in construction can be rewarding both mentally and financially.  We work to make sure girls know that this is another arena to search for their life's work.
  1. Watch this video
    Currently the construction work force has only 8.9% of women working on the job. Our mission is to let girls know about the opportunities that exist.
  2. Transportation and Construction Girl
    Each fall, we invite young women to discover the many careers in transportation and construction. From exhibits with drones and simulators to engaging young speakers, it is an inspiring day showing girls that anything is possible.
  3. Career Days for Girls
    The HOYA Foundation is offering a one week Career Days for Girls. For one week, participants travel to five different companies to learn the myriad of careers that lie within transportation and construction.
  4. Shadowing Days
    We work with local companies and young women to line up shadowing days. From municipalities to national corporations to local women owned companies, girls get insight to career decisions. And, they get to have a role model for their career.